2017 ANNY Best of Fest

Friday & Saturday, Sept 29-30, 2017

2017 ANNY Best of Fest

Highlights from the festival!


Photos from the 2017 ANNY Best of Fest!

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Event Photos

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Event Photos


The Second Annual

2017 ANNY Best of Fest

September 29-30, 2017
180 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038

The ANNY Best of Fest is a TWO DAY symposium (Sept 29-30, 12pm-10pm) featuring animation screenings, fine art installations, virtual reality animation experiences, professional panels, and industry events at 180 Maiden Lane in the Seaport District of NYC.


(Saturday, Sept 30, 7pm & 8pm)

Congratulations to our ANNY Best of Fest Winners! This year our panel judges picked 20 films from the 175 selected for our monthly curated screening events. http://www.animationnights.com/screening25/

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Panel Judges were Debra Solomon (Independent Animator, Academy Member), Phil Weinstein (Disney), and Dayna Gonzalez (Jumping Tadpole Productions, Former ASIFA East President). 2017 ANNY Best of Fest filmmakers were up for our Grand Prize Award (selected by Andrew Gordon (Pixar)), our Animation for Adults Award (selected by Chris Perkins (AFA)), and our Art in Motion Award (selected by Ronni Anderson (Anderson Contemporary)).

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Grand Prize Winner:

  • OSSA. Dario Imbrogno. Italy, 2016. 3:55

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Animation for Adults Award Winner:

  • HANGING. Nick LeDonne. United States, 2016. 5:37

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Anderson Contemporary Award Winner:

  • ALL THEIR SHADES. Chloé Alliez. France, 2015. 5:46

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Filmmakers:

  • YÙL AND THE SNAKE. Gabriel Harel. France, 2015. 13:00
  • SISTERS. David Chontos. United States, 2016. 3:58
  • PUB CRAWL. Hayden Browne. Australia, 2016. 1:37
  • OSSA. Dario Imbrogno. Italy, 2016. 3:55
  • GINGER BEER. Macchia Ornella, Medard Simon. Belgium, 2016. 2:39
  • RADIO WAVE. Ryotaro Miyajima. Japan, 2016. 3:09
  • MOVING OUT. SeoHee Choi, John Han. United States, 2016. 2:56
  • HANGING. Nick LeDonne. United States, 2016. 5:37
  • PACKAGE OF MOVIE TRICKS. Nemjóova. Czech Republic, 2015. 2:00
  • ALL THEIR SHADES. Chloé Alliez. France, 2015. 5:46
  • SCAPEGOAT. Gal Haklay, Shulamit Tager. Israel, 2015. 8:28
  • ORCA. Shulamit Tager. Israel, 2014. 2:36
  • OUR WONDERFUL NATURE – THE COMMON CHAMELEON. Tomer Eshed. Germany, 2016. 3:32
  • ONCE UPON A LINE. Alicja Jasina. United States, 2016. 7:05
  • TICKING AWAY. Michael Sewnarain. Netherlands, 2015. 9:25
  • AS A LITTLE BIRD I… Yyhely Hälvin. Estonia, 2016. 7:05
  • IN THE DISTANCE. Florian Grolig. Germany, 2015. 8:00
  • IT’S A DOG LIFE. Julie Rembauville. Canada, 2012. 7:47
  • BEER BY CHARLES BUKOWSKI. Nerdo. Italy, 2016. 2:15
  • CHANGES. Bob Los. Netherlands, 2016. 3:41

FINE ART INSTALLATION (Friday & Saturday, Sept 29-30,12pm)
Anderson Contemporary curated the second installment of Art in Motion II  featuring installation celebrating animation!
Opening Reception: Wed, Sept 13, 6pm-8pm

VIRTUAL REALITY SHOWCASE (Friday, Sept 29, 12pm – 8pm & Saturday, Sept 30, 12 – 6pm)
Our showcase happened on the 29th Floor Showroom at 180 Maiden Lane. It’s a 26,000 sq ft space with 360-degree views from 500 ft above Manhattan. We  presented work from a number of amazing creators including Chris Milk, Penrose Studios, Jakob Steensen, Pirahna / Hey Mister!, Midas Touch, Artella / Sketchfab, Third Wish Media, High Fidelity, and NYU MAGNET among others!

(Friday & Saturday, Sept 29-30, 12pm – 9pm)Panel, presentation, and industry participants scheduled INCLUDE Kickstarter, ASIFA East, Penrose Studios, The Mill, Sesame Studios, Artella, SketchFab, SVA, VR Voice, Children’s Media Association, Tommy Stathes, Stash Media, Max Rothman, John Dilworth, Augenblick Studios, Abelana, High Fidelity, Framestore, and many more!

  • Pitching Animation (Sept 29, 12pm) – Featuring: Elise McCave (Kickstarter) and LaToye Adams (Children’s Media Association), Alba E. Garcia-Rivas (Fantasiation) with Jimbo Matison as moderator.
  • IGDA NYC presents: Careers in Gaming (Sept 29, 1pm) – Featuring: Keith Stevens (Motion Sickness), Jenn Chiu (Motion Sickness), and Neil Sveri (DreamSail Games) with James Seetal (IGDA NYC) as moderator.
  • The Incredibly Surprising History and Future of Brooklyn Animation (Sept 29, 2pm) – Featuring: Tommy Stathes (Cartoons on Film) and Aaron Augenblick (Augenblick Studios) with David Kay (The Winthrop Group) as moderator.
  • Film Festival Strategy (Sept 29, 3pm) – Featuring: Susan Godfrey (The Productive), Katie Cropper Klein (ASIFA East), Don Cato (Queens World Film Festival) and Shannon Walker (The Lower East Side Film Festival) with Faiyaz Jafri as moderator.
  • Cinematic Campfire Poetry (Sept 29, 4pm) – Featuring: Max Rothman (Monticello Park Productions).
  • Artella Virtual Studio: Sketchfab, Lily & Snout, and the Future of WebVR (Sept 29, 5pm) – Featuring: Bobby Beck (Artella Virtual Studio) and Paul Chambers (Sketchfab).
  • VR Voice Panel: Storytelling in Virtual Reality (Sept 29, 6pm) – Featuring: Tom Westerlin (Nice Shoes), Jon Clinkenbeard (Clinkenfilms), Emma Mankey Hidem (SunnySideVR), Kane Lee (Baobab Studios) and Charlie Fink with Bob Fine (VR Voice) as moderator.
  • Surviving and Thriving as a Freelancer (Sept 29, 7pm) – Featuring: Kalika Sharma (Antidote), Stephen Brooks (Rubber Onion), Pilar Newton (PilarToons), and John Schnall (Quality Schnallity, Inc.) with Dayna Gonzalez (Jumping Tadpole Productions) as moderator.
  • The Philosophy of Animation Style (Sept 29, 8pm) – Featuring: Stephen Price (Stash Media), Bruna Berford (Penrose Studios), Max Rothman (Monticello Park Productions), and Amid Amidi (Cartoon Brew) with Faiyaz Jafri as moderator.
  • NYFL The New Disruptors: New Pathways to Storytelling (Sept 30, 12pm) – Featuring: Devin Dixon (BingeWave), Valerie Lisyansky (SWARM), and Brandon Henriquez (Pretend Labs) with Daron Jenkins (NYFL) as moderator.  
  • Animation in VR: Pipelines and Workflow (Sept 30, 1pm) – Featuring: Kevin Yong Qu with Bruna Berford (Penrose Studios), Tyler Hopf (SVA), Cat Gulácsy (The Mill), and Tom Westerlin (Nice Shoes) with Kiira Benzing (Double Eye Productions) as moderator.
  • Puppetry and Motion Capture in Animation (Sept 30, 2pm) – Featuring: Jordan Geary (Sesame Studios), Sam Koji Hale (IBEX Puppetry Inc.), Paul Andrejco (Puppet Heap), Alba E. Garcia-Rivas (Fantasiation), and Matt Witham with Tristian Goik (ASIFA East) as moderator.
  • Animation: New Models for Business (Sept 30, 3pm) – Featuring: Dave Jesteadt (GKIDS), Jeremy Rosen (Frederator), and Kim Diaz (Sesame Studios) with Mark Sternberg (REVRIE Immersive Works) as moderator.
  • Pre-Production and Planning: The Importance of Developing an Idea (Sept 30, 4pm) – John Dilworth (Stretch Films), David Pagano (Paganomation), Aaron Augenblick (Augenblick Studios), and Jimbo Matison with Nina Balton (The Toon Goons) as moderator.
  • Animation Tech: Multi-User Experiences in Virtual Reality – (Sept 30, 5pm) – Featuring: Mikita Labanok (Abelana VR Productions), Tom Schofield (High Fidelity), Rob Sabatini (Pirahna / Hey Mister!), Lisa Kotecki (AltSpace), and Javier Molina (NYU Magnet) with Mark Sternberg (REVRIE Immersive Works) as moderator.


(Friday, Sept 29, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm & Saturday, Sept 30, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm)
One-on-one Speed Pitching Blocks (Invite only. We will be putting out a call for artists, soon!)Animators/directors will have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with Industry reps!
2017 ANNY Best of Fest Wrap Party (Saturday, Sept 30, 10pm. (Venue, TBA))
Event Details: Fri & Sat, Sept 29-30, 2017, 12pm-10pm, 180 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038
Getting to the ANNY Best of Fest: Take the 4, 5, 6, A, C, 2, 3, J, or Z train to Fulton Street. Street parking is available.

We hope to see you at the festival!

Main Venue

180 Maiden Lane, Seaport District, NYC

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Winners

Grand Prize and Animation for Adults Winners each received a prize from Wacom! Our Grand Prize Winner had an opportunity to chat with 20-year Pixar veteran Andrew Gordon about their film! All of our 2017 ANNY Best of Fest Winners received an Industry Badge for our 2017 annual festival (Sept 29-30), a one year subscription for Toon Boom, a one year subscription for Craft, a one year subscription for Stash, a three month subscription for Midas Creature, and a three month subscription for Sketchfab Pro . (2017 ANNY Best of Fest filmmakers may also be eligible for distribution via Shorts HD, if applicable.)

2017 ANNY Best of Fest Panel Judges

Debra Solomon
Debra Solomon has been making animated films since 1995. A N.Y.F.A fellow and Jerome recipient, her films have won awards at festivals around the world, including a Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale, Best Soundtrack in Annecy, and a Special Jury Award at the World Animation Festival. Her films are also showcased in MOMA’s films and Video collection. In 2001, Debra helped create the Disney Channel’s first hit show, “Lizzie McGuire,” designing the animated Lizzie and acting as animation director for the series and movie adaptation. Her film “Getting Over Him in 8 Songs or Less” was featured on HBO.
She teaches animation at Hostos Community College and was invited to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in 2017.

Dayna Gonzalez
Dayna Gonzalez is an award-winning Animator and Designer with extensive experience in producing creative content for television, film, and interactive media. Her work has appeared in shows for Nickelodeon, Disney, and Sesame Workshop, among others. Dayna has volunteered for organizations such as The Ink Well Foundation and ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’ Animation), including a term as Co-President and Web Manager of ASIFA-East. Dayna is currently working on her first children’s book.

Phil Weinstein
Phil Weinstein began his career in Disney’s storyboard training program. He continued as a staff board artist at Disney working on many shows including Darkwing Duck, Winnie The Pooh, The Aladdin series and The Lion King 2 . Phil has done storyboard work on a number of non-Disney productions including creating the main title for Sony’s The Spectacular Spiderman , and storyboarding many of the musical numbers in the film SouthPark: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

Phil’s first directing assignment was on Disney’s Hercules series. Phil went on to produce and direct Balto: Wolf Quest and Balto: Wings of Change for Universal. Other directing credits include Jackie Chan Adventures for Sony, Scooby Doo Where’s My Mummy for Warner Brothers, Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms for Starz and Curious George Back to the Jungle for Universal. Currently Phil is directing Mickey and the Roadster Racers for Disney.

Phil won an Emmy award for his work on the CBS special Boo To You Too Winnie The Pooh, and was nominated for another Emmy for Hellboy: Sword of Storms.

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