Interview with Qieer Wang

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Next up in our Animator Interviews podcast series is an interview with Qieer Wang. Qieer is an independent animation filmmaker, freelance illustrator, comic artist, designer, and part-time tattoo artist. Animation Nights New York officially selected her film “Therapy Room” to be featured in a to -be- determined upcoming screening event.The interview was conducted by Nina Balton for ANNY.

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Please enjoy!

Show Notes:

00:0000:38 Podcast intro

00:3900:58 Greetings

00:5902:59 Process

03:0004:05 Artistic Background

04:0609:25 Mental Illness as Subject matter

09:2610:15 Opportunity

10:1612:27 A Life of Art

12:2814:35 Relationships and You

14:3617:00 “Therapy Room”

17:0118:47 Mediums

18:4821:17 Influences

21:1823:43 “Toe, Petal, Cosmos”

23:4425:46 Composer Lane Shi

25:4729:07 Commissions and Compromises

29:0832:34 “First Breath”

32:3534:18 “Run Into A Brand New World!”

34:1938:13 Upcoming VR Project

38:1439:05 Goodbyes

39:0640:48 ANNY

40: 49 – 41:40 Outro

41:4141:45 Outtake


Website –

Always –

Titled Untitled –

Therapy Room –

First Breath –

Toe, Petal, Cosmos –

Ethnic Weddings in China Doc Intro –

Music by Joe Lazenby

Interview and video by Nina Balton.

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