Georges Méliès rocket reached the moon, Felix the cat hit the road, and the great journey continues.

-Anthony Haden-Guest




Amazing festival, awesome quality. It was a real pleasure to have my project included in ANNY. All there is left to say is thank you!

-Lior Shkedi

We are so stoked to hear the news!!! ANNY just continues to be such a fantastic realm to have the pleasure of being in.

-Taylor Shortall, PSYOP

Thank you once again for including us in your VR Showcase. We met some fantastic people and really enjoy being involved with the Animation Nights New York community. You’ve achieved something really wonderful, and we look forward to collaborating more in the future!

-Paul DeKam, Nice Shoes

I just wanted to thank you for this event.  This was a fantastic way for people to connect with each other and get their ideas out in the open.


ANNY is so amazing and important for the animation community around the world, so thank you so much.

-Gal Haklay

A fantastic event. It really is a perfect opportunity for artists, animators, filmmakers and creatives to nerd out and watch the best of the best together.

-Anthony Galante.


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