How We Crafted Animator Portfolios

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Animation Nights New York 2018 Cannes Program & Craft


Animation Nights New York (ANNY) announces the first ever annual ANNY Cannes Program. Offered as an additional opportunity for our animation directors, we’ve invited 35 filmmakers from around the world to join us at the Cannes Film Festival. Participants in the ANNY Cannes program benefit from our unique partnership with the festival, which allowed us to hand select 20 animated short films for exhibition as part of the ANNY Cannes Program. Films will be available for viewing on the ANNY channel in the Short Film Corner, from May 14-19, and during a special screening in the Marché du Film on May 17 at 13:30 in Palais H.

In honor of this, Craft is releasing 11 How We Crafted short film portfolios. Here is Black Comedy with Lieke Milder.



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