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April Animation paired with Real and Virtual Tea on Mars.

On Wed, April 12, 2017 we held our ANNY April Animation screening event. We screened a BEAUTIFUL program of short animated films from around the world at 180 Maiden Lane. (Check out the program, more event photos, and our video recap here.) 

Photo credit: Eddy Garay

Revrie Immersive works presented SENSVR by Arte Experience on Samsung Gear VR.

Photo credit: Eddy Garay

Animation Nights New York, High Fidelity, and New York Code + Design presented Virtual ANNY at 180 Maiden Lane during our ANNY screening event IRL. What is Virtual ANNY? A few months ago, ANNY joined forces with High Fidelity and with help from Archilogic and Artella we built a virtual version of 180 Maiden Lane.

Photo credit: Eddy Garay

Animation Nights New York and High Fidelity are presenting a film presentations in Virtual ANNY. Visitors watch an animated short film in the ANNY Virtual Space and then port INTO a scene from the film, and while having an exchange with the director in real time (avatar form).

Virtual ANNY in High Fidelity featuring “Bardo” by Abishek Gopal.

ANNY and High Fidelity had a working demo of this concept ready for the Animation Nights New York 2017 April Animation screening event.

Virtual ANNY in High Fidelity featuring “Bardo” by Abishek Gopal.

Ozan Serim from High Fidelity was with us to guide users through the space and show them what High Fidelity can do. We asked him how the audience responded to the experience.

“People were blown away. They were delighted by stepping into the virtual ANNY space because it mirrored the real-life space. They were also impressed by the realistic quality of the avatars and the environment. There was excitement about seeing the 3D animation in the virtual space. Many folks walked around Abishek’s animation and compared it to what was showing on the virtual screen. Most dramatically, people got a lot of joy from socializing with each other in the virtual space. There was one skeptical older gentleman in NY who connected with a person in Holland. He was able to share memories of his trips to Holland. He emerged from the High Fidelity VR experience, transformed. It’s really fun to demo High Fidelity because people experience a great sense of wonder and satisfaction from interacting with other people in virtual spaces. “

Thank you to High Fidelity and Artella. Thank you to Abishek Gopal, Ozan Serim, and Jazmin Cano for their hard work! Thank you to Abishek Gopal for the use of your film, Bardo! Virtual ANNY in High Fidelity is a very exciting project. We all look forward to sharing the next build!

Virtual ANNY in High Fidelity featuring “Bardo” by Abishek Gopal.

GKIDS were with us to support My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea. Friend of the festival, Cartoons on Film was there to present the 1932 short The Farmerette by John Foster and Harry Bailey. The Pratt Keyframe Club was on site and in action! Thank you!

Photo credit: Eddy Garay

Anderson Contemporary hosted a pre-show Tea on Mars panel by Erik Sanner as part of its FORWARD SLASH TECHNOLOGY, TRANSCENDENCE & TEA  fine art installation featuring the work of Gary Kaleda, Malin Abrahamsson, and Erik Sanner. Erik had tea with guests and his Tea on Mars installation was also a part of the Animation Nights New York virtual space in High Fidelity.

Virtual ANNY in High Fidelity included a virtual Tea on Mars installation

We had two winners for our April #ANNY #sketchofthemonth! Thank you GKIDS and congratulations to @ng_ivana and @bobk4d for winning first and second place! They each received two complimentary tickets to My Entire HighSchool Sinking into the Sea and an ANNY tote. (Please pick up your tote bags next month!)

ANNY April Sketch-of-the-Month Winners

Thank you to our Filmmakers and Attendees!

Photo credit: Eddy Garay

We hope to see you next month when we host day two of Animated Spirits 3rd Edition – New Animation from Europe with the European National Cultural Institutes in NYC on Wed, May 10, 8pm at 180 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038. Please RSVP.

Anderson Contemporary will also be presenting:

The Further Chronicles of Now
May 10 – June 10, 2017
May 10 | 6-8pm | 180 Maiden Lane

Keep supporting Independent Animation!

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