Interview with Cagil Harmandar

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Next up in our series is an interview with Çağıl Harmandar. We interviewed Çağıl at 180 Maiden Lane in the Seaport District of NYC.

Cagil is an animator and illustrator as well as a recent graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts.

Animation Nights New York
screened Çağıl’s film “Chirps” last year, at our July Pictures (Program #11) screening event, at 180 Maiden Lane. We also featured her and her work during our Best of Fest event held last year. The interview was conducted by Nina Balton for ANNY.

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Show Notes:
00:0000:47 Podcast intro
00:4801:40 Education
01:4103:17 Film Making Process and “Chirps”
03:186:06 Illustration Background
06:077:35 “Stretch” and the Human Body
07:3610:57 Poetry and Storytelling
10:5814:25 Sound Design
14:2615:53 Feminism and Women’s Bodies
15:5417:09 Goals and Aspirations
17:1020:25 “us,” Gezi Protests, and Politics
20:2623:44 Turkish Heritage and Cultural Art
23:4524:06 Goodbyes
24:0725:05 Podcast outro

Çağıl Harmandar




School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Rhode Island School of Design

Akito van Troyer

Gezi Park protests…

Pablo Neruda…


All film clips are used with permission from the artist. All other images are used for reference and education.

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